Hello there.

You might recognize the name. Liz Taylor here. Well – ish.

Despite sharing a famous name, this Liz doesn’t have a double row of eyelashes or violet eyes. But she does have a lot to say about clothes.

I’m here to talk about costumes. All costumes – literally, the good, the bad, the ugly.

So many of us look at costume in TV and movies and just see clothes. Just clothes. But they tell a story of their own; weaving character development, history and narrative seamlessly into every little thread. And so many beautiful costumes gracing the big and small screen, it’s high time we gave them their due, and talked about them. Well – you don’t have to. But I will.

So let’s talk about costumes. Let’s talk about about the artistry in crafting them, the development behind them, and yes, maybe where you can buy that fantastic jacket from Sherlock. (Hint: it’s been out of stock for years. Believe me, I have checked.)

I’ll be posting a few times a week – and I promise it’ll be fun. No lectures on embroidery here – we’re here to celebrate all the gorgeous, ugly, complex and badass costumes on all your favourite actors.

So thank you for getting this far. I guess I won’t know if you did or didn’t. But if you did – thanks!

Speak soon & stay fabulous.

Liz xo


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