Game of Clothes: Thrones is Back!


Everyone’s favourite fantasy/war/horror/action/soft porn show is back. Finally, after a year of theories, leaks, and epic trailers, we finally have our grubby little mitts on the show of the century in all its bloody brutal glory. (I’m very pleased about it, if you can’t tell.)


(Also, if you haven’t watched the episode by now, why.)

And what an episode it was. I mean, social media may be in uproar about Ed Sheeran’s appearance (also; really guys? He said two lines. Chill.) but it was an incredible start to the season. Arya’s mass murdering tendencies kicked in again, slaughtering an entire family, Jon is a King, Cersei is crazy, Daenerys has finally landed in Westeros, prime to take it over. And Sam? Well. Sam is emptying pots of shit. Not everyone can be a hero, eh?

I’m doing a different kind of breakdown. I’ll be chatting about all the lovely furs, leathers and chainmail featured in this episode, and making dubious predictions on character development, story arcs, and generally passing judgement on them. Got to get in my days somehow.

It’s a strange sensation to cheer on a young girl who kills a room full of men, wiping out an entire family tree and leaving a huge swathe of land ungoverned. But you cheer her anyway – it’s Arya. And who can blame her? The leather coifs (or Biggins) that all the Frey’s wear automatically makes the audience understand that they’re all idiots – just look. The whole family wears them.

biggins hat
Medieval inferiority complex in a hat.

This hat is basically shorthand for ‘I’m a medieval idiot’. Look at the bumbling fool in any medieval movie or television show and they’ll be wearing a Biggins cap. So, a room full of them loosely translates to a room full of idiots. Of course, our good old friend Walder doesn’t wear one, because we should be somewhat scared of him. Biggins caps aside, they all die – the end of the Freys, and hopefully the end of their storyline, because who likes the Freys? Psychopaths.

Moving onto ‘Da King in Da Norf’ Jon Snow, who is now a King, and still sporting a fancy little manbun, because serious kings can’t have gorgeous floofy curls. But in all seriousness, I’m really loving the fact that Jon doesn’t have to wear black constantly. His costume has echoes of both Robb and Ned, with the large fur ruff on the cloak that all Northern Lords wear. His armour underneath also looks gorgeous, with two direwolves facing off against each other on the upper chest. I thought this might be hinting at Starks going head to head, but that’s maybe me running a little too crazy on the speculation train.

Let’s talk about Sansa and Cersei. Sansa now looks more like Cersei than Cersei looks like Cersei. She’s got the Season 1 and Season 2 Cersei hair, and a Northern-adapted Cersei style dress. Jon even makes a comment on how it sounds like Sansa admires her, with Sansa stating ‘I’ve learnt a lot from her.’ Clearly, she has; she’s echoing her look big-time. Kings Landing was where Sansa learnt that life wasn’t all roses, and you can see the grudging respect Sansa has for Cersei through this style overhaul. Despite this, she’s not entirely a clone of Cersei’s – the shape and style of her dress is more distinctly Northern, and Sansa is in the same colour as everyone this episode – black. She’s donned her battle gear; this is by far the toughest and harshest look we’ve seen on Sansa thus far. Clearly black is in fashion this winter in Westeros. Her jewellery is interesting; she’s taken to wearing the Starks sigil again, sporting two direwolves on her collar. She’s also got a long chain with a large, circular feature – a very simple, and strikingly modern piece on Game of Thrones. I’ve been thinking the circular themes in Sansa’s jewellery is indicative of her journey coming full circle; she’s finally back in Winterfell in her rightful place, helping to rule. Might be overthinking it, but who knows.

sansa and cersei.png
Gurl, I love your hair. Who did your hair?

Cersei is ready for all-out war. Along with her hair, Cersei has also lost her love of colourful silks, deep V-neck kimonos and opulent jewels; we find her in Kings Landing with the plainest dress thus far. Black leather covers a woven grey material, making the dress look almost like chainmail. It’s heavy, stiff; the fabric is unforgiving and moves heavily as she walks. She’s not wearing any jewellery until she meets Euron; and then she accessorises her battle dress with her silver crown and an ornate neck-and-shoulder armour piece, embroidered with silver lions. She has to dress up for her guest Euron after all – more on him later.

Stylistically, Jaime and Cersei have never been further apart. In the scene where they meet Euron in the Throne Room, Jaime sports the gorgeous red and gold Lannister armour, alongside his trademark golden hand. He’s cloaked in red and looks a poster boy of Lannister glory; his pauldrons (shoulder pads) are literally roaring lions faces. He couldn’t be more Lannister. But Cersei isn’t wearing anything red or gold. Sure, she has a lion at her neck, but it’s tiny; barely noticeable in comparison to some of her earlier, trademark Lannister power looks. I really think these small shifts mark a cooling relationship between the incestuous twins; Cersei is colder, emotionless, whereas Jaime is hot-headed and emotional. I can’t imagine their relationship going too well this season.

‘Let’s get down to business, to defeatttt the North’

Let’s talk about Euron, who I honestly loved, despite the fact he looked like someone you would find at the front of a heavy metal/grunge band. Seriously; I’m digging the emo-pirate vibes he has going on, but his costume was very modern for Game of Thrones. And I really, really loved it. His new hair is great; it makes his entire face harsher and older looking, which really suits the character. The asymmetric fastening on the leather jacket is reminiscent of Jaime’s red and white leather jacket in Season 1 – Euron is almost a dark inversion of Jaime, which I think Cersei secretly likes. (PS: I totally want them to get together and raise absolute hell) I love how much leather is being used in this season; everyone is getting tougher and donning their battle gear. I can’t wait to inevitably have my heart broken this season.

euron greyjoy
New rock idol Euron Greyjoy. Appearing at Limelight next Saturday.

The less said about Sam’s shit montage the better. No costume notes here. Carry on. (Apart from the matching robes for the maesters in training; making them all the same and reducing individualism. That’s all)

Daenerys’s outfit was absolutely stunning. I live. There is so much detail in every single one of Daenerys’s outfits – while from afar, it just looks black, up close, it’s hugely detailed. Around her shoulders and neck, there are her trademark dragon scales, embroidered in red and black – the colours of House Targaryen. Gone are the floaty blue dresses of Quarth and the unstructured leathers of the Dothraki – Dany means business. It’s a more mature, more structured silhouette, but still in keeping with Dany’s style that’s been established over the past 6 seasons. Even her hair is more refined; the braids are tighter and tied back, rather than her loose flowy silver waves. Her coat-dress is shorter than her previous dresses, and we can see her boots and trousers that she wears underneath; with the boots/trouser combination being a Dany trademark since her Dothraki days.

Yas qween.

Dany’s entourage all matches in with her, in, you guessed it – black. Seriously. More black. Every single outfit. There’s not too much to say here; but I do love this new, darker serious look for Dany’s court. They mean business. Tyrion matches her perfectly, and the black leather really contrasts his silver Hand of the Queen pin, reminding everyone he is her right-hand man. I love him and I can’t wait till he finally speaks in season 7.

I have 2 more pages of notes but I don’t want to go on too much about it – I’ll maybe do a follow up post with all the remaining characters. Safe to say I loved it and I am LIVING. I can’t wait for the rest of the season to rip my heart out of my chest while the creators laugh. (Don’t kill anyone else I love please)

Also, side note; #TeamDaenerys cause Dragons.

Side note 2: spell checking this was a disaster because names don’t make sense in Westeros.

Till next week;

Liz xo




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