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Game of Clothes: Dragons and Poison and Chains, Oh My

Good ol’ Game of Thrones, back at it again with the murder. Yes, everyone’s favourite Queens, Kings and psychopaths were back this week in the most explosive episode of Season 7 yet. As usual, I’m here to give you the lowdown on all things leather, silk and chainmail, and dubiously predict what’s going to happen in the rest of the season. I reckon it’ll be fun to look back at it at the end and realise I’ve predicted exactly nothing right. But we shall see.


So, we start off on Dragonstone, where the broodiest King the North has ever seen, Jon Snow, is getting off his boat to meet the Mother of Dragons, the Breaker of Chains, The Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt (you get the picture by now) It doesn’t look like he’s made too much of an effort with his appearance; he’s wearing the similar armour to the ones he’s been wearing in the past few episodes. But I do love the fact that Jon’s always wearing his armour – we never see him without it. He’s one of the only people ready for the battles to come, and he isn’t the kind of guy to arrive dressed to impress. It’s one of the things that really differentiates the Northerners from the Southron; you’ll never see the Northerners in silk tunics or embroidered doublets. They’re all about leather, fur and looking very broody in dramatic landscapes.

jon and tyrion.png
Brooding experts. One looks better doing it. 


The Dragonstone clan are looking good, as usual; they’ve made a little more of an effort to impress their guest. I particularly love Tyrion’s new black and grey striped tunic; his outfits have been gorgeous this season, if not a little colourless. (As have all of Dragonstone’s; Let them have colours). One thing that is noticeable though; can someone please get Davos a new outfit? The poor man has basically been wearing rags for the entire series, even though he’s been Hand to one King and advisor to another. Another notable addition here is the Dothraki; their colour palette of tans and browns has remained the same despite their travels, and this along with their war-paint, arakhs and long hair differentiates them from regular Westerosi soldiers. Also; side note – Kit Harrington is super short! How have I not noticed this before?

meeting 1
Tiny lil King In Da Norf.

We then see Varys and Melisandre, also brooding in a dramatic landscape – none other than our very own Cliffs of Fairhead, in County Antrim. Mel’s wearing the same cape that we see in Episode 2, and I really thought her hair looked much darker here, in comparison to the more vibrant red of earlier seasons. Varys also has some new winter clothes, and they are stylish. It’s actually a departure from what we’ve come to expect from Varys, with an asymmetric clasp and a higher, mandarin style collar. It’s lined with fur, and belted quite high on the waist. Colour-wise, it appears to be a light duck-egg blue, overlaid with a burnished gold/bronze. For me, this was a real signal that winter is here; when Varys abandons the kimono style shape, and embraces winter clothing, it’s about to get chilly. Almost as chilly as the conversation between him and Melisandre – did she just tell him that he was going to die? I’m shook.

Fashion icon of the show, tbh.

Well, at least someone dressed up for the meeting. Daenerys’s outfit for meeting Da King In Da Norf was suitably regal; she’s even wearing a red cape. This outfit is my favourite thus far of Dany’s outfits; she’s cloaked in red and black, the Targaryen colours, and it’s just such a beautiful, strong and regal outfit. From the stills I can get from this episode, it seems like the tunic/coat is lined with fur; wise for Dragonstone, and the red cape is a beautiful, dark, rich red. Her cape is also textured and embroidered; it looks like dragon scales; it’s amazing. I think this is the first time we’ve seen Dany in this kind of get up. The chain is a more definite statement of power than any crowns or necklaces, and of course we get a glimpse of the three-headed dragon brooch, with the House sigils being an important motif in Thrones. I’ll also be honest, as a book reader I’ve been waiting for Jon and Dany to meet since like 5 years ago, so they could have been wearing binbags in this scene and I still would have enjoyed it.

dany 1
What’s the Valyrian for ‘Slay Queen’?


Back to Kings Landing, Euron has arrived with Ellaria, Tyene and Yara in tow, as a present for the certifiably insane Cersei. The women are kept in chains, in the same outfit we seen them in last; however, Tyene and Ellaria’s jackets have been opened, leaving them in their bralettes, a coat and trousers. There’s no sexuality in this representation, however; simply a presentation of their vulnerability. And we’re about to see things get a hell of a lot worse for them as the episode goes on. I love the colour palette used for Kings Landing; it’s actually stayed very similar throughout the seasons; it’s mainly burnt sienna/orange, pinks, and duck-egg blues; it’s a vibrant, almost Mediterranean palette, but some little changes have been made to accommodate the changing weather; we’re seeing a lot more layers, a lot more cloaks and headscarves. Even Kings Landing is feeling a chill.

euron kings landing
Bringing in three chained women as a proposal gift – cause thats normal.


Ah Euron, everyone’s favourite fantasy evil Jack Sparrow wannabe. He’s very much still going with the emo-pirate-rocker vibes, and I’m loving it. However, he’s got a glorious addition this week; he’s got a full length, aged black leather waistcoat. At least – I think it’s a waistcoat, from the screen caps I could get. But it’s so over the top and I absolutely love it. Euron is coming more and more into himself and his total insanity, and I’m here for it. It’s a great look. Plus, he’s really starting to match Cersei. I’d be getting nervous Jaime. (Also, ew, please stop sleeping with your sister.)

euron 2
Sassy stylin’ emo pirate.


And everyone’s favourite villain, Cersei is on top Mad Queen form this week. She’s ditched the black leather dress this week in favour of a black satin dress, with lots of decorative silver embroidery at the neck, to match her crown. She’s sticking very much to her black and silver silhouette, but this is definitely one of the more elaborate looks she’s sported this season. Not to mention she’s literally wearing spikes on her shoulders; once again, as subtle as a brick and I love it. In the dungeon scene with Ellaria and Tyene, she’s literally sparkling and shining; both the silk material and the detailing on the dress work so well in the dim light; Cersei is literally glowing with happiness at the thought of poisoning Tyene so her mother can watch her die and rot before her. Damn Cersei. You crazy.

Bad b*tch contest, you in first place.

Also – I laughed out loud when I seen that Cersei’s maid had cut her hair and started wearing high-necked black dresses. She might be a murderer a thousand times over, but I’ll be damned if Cersei isn’t a fashion ICON.

cersei maid.png
Pixie cuts and leather dresses – so hot right now.

There isn’t too much to say about Winterfell costume-wise this week, although I was pleased to see Bran back in Winterfell and dressed like a Stark once again. He’s back to wearing the Stark cloak with fur and brown leathers, even though he isn’t a Lord, he’s the creepy mystical ‘Three Eyed Raven’. Okay Bran.

sansa and bran.png
Bran pls.

This week, alongside countless Lannister and Tyrell soldiers, we also said goodbye to Olenna Tyrell, the baddest b*tch in the South. Honestly, I was so sad to see her go, but she went out in a blaze of glory. I was so sad to see that all of her colour was drained after the murder of the family; she wore exclusively black from then on. However, it did come to my attention that Olenna only wore a black hat when Joffrey died, showing she really did not care at all for mourning conventions. Oh, and also, she did kill him, so ya know.

Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Showstopping. Spectacular.

All in all – an amazing episode. Also, in the process of writing this blog, I’ve found out that episode 4 has leaked online. It’s going to take all of my willpower not to watch it before Monday. Why you do dis, leakers? Let a girl wait in peace.

PS: Bran, probably don’t bring up your sister’s rape in your first conversation with her for years. Please.

PPS: Sansa is legit the only leader to make sure everyone has food. So that’s a thing.

Till next week,

Liz xo


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